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A powerful network of hate groups has taken root on the world’s largest video sharing platform. It’s time for Youtube to take the steps necessary to remove it


What Youtube

Can Do

Ban Content Which Glorifies White Nationalism

Joining Facebook in explicitly banning white nationalist content on Youtube is an essential first step in removing hate speech from the platform.

Remove Content Already Identified as Hate Speech

Youtube recently implemented a policy of demonetizing videos deemed to contain hate speech. If this determination is made, these videos should be removed from the platform entirely.

Make Race Relations Experts Youtube Moderators Focused on Removing Hate Speech from the Platform

The best way to eradicate the elaborate network of hate groups on Youtube is to give organizations such as the Southern Poverty Law Center moderator status so that they can remove hateful content and it’s creators from the platform. Giving these groups “trusted flagger” status alone has proven ineffective.




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We are a nonpartisan coalition of individuals and organizations who are deeply concerned with widespread hate speech on the world’s largest video sharing platform. Our goal is to work with Youtube and race relations experts to develop effective strategies to combat hate on the platform.