Youtube Has Failed to Moderate Hate Speech on It’s Platform in Accordance with Its Own Policy

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Youtube has explicit rules against hate speech, yet hate groups both large and small are able to use this platform to spread their ideas virtually unimpeded. In an online environment where social media platforms such as Facebook are taking increasingly aggressive stances against hate, the Alt-Right still largely sees Youtube as its political turf. The elaborate influence network of hate groups which has taken root on the platform is succeeding in it’s goal of spreading their ideas to normal Youtube users. If that doesn’t scare you, it should.

Removing hate speech is more difficult than content such as gore or nudity. It requires analyzing videos on a deeper level than simply checking for certain types of audio or visual content. Those spreading hate on Youtube are often aware of just how much they can get away with without having their videos removed. For example, Neo-Nazi groups will refrain from using racial slurs in their videos, instead posting content which glorifies ideas like white nationalism through discussion, humor, or other means.

Without a doubt such actions represent a content moderation challenge for Youtube. However by joining Facebook in banning White Nationalist content, and partnering with groups such as the Southern Poverty Law Center which specialize in identifying hate speech, they can uproot the dangerous network of hate groups currently infesting it’s platform. This step is essential if Youtube is to be the platform Google wants it to be; a place of creativity, where everyone can feel safe to broadcast themselves.

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